Brain Food!!

by Steve Krile

It takes a lot of energy to be a Krile Kid!  Little bodies need to be fueled often and with good foods to keep the little people of Kriletown at their best. Here are a few things the kids like and make GREAT snacks.  Remember we are having snacks in the morning and afternoon to keep our energy  up.  It would be VERY helpful if you send in at least two snacks per month and more is ALWAYS welcome!!  Remember we are a NO NUT building :)

  1. granola bars 
  2. cheese sticks
  3. apple slices
  4. carrot slicks
  5. cereal
  6. yogurt tubes
  7. breakfast bars
  8. cereal bars
  9. fruit snacks
  10. apple sauce packages
  11. mini muffins
  12. bananas
  13. cheese its
  14. veggie sticks
  15. grapes in baggies
  16. fruit cups  (send in spoons as well please) 
  17. jello (send in spoons as well please) 
  18. goldfish
  19. animal crackers
  20. pretzels