Loving the Fall Colors

by Steve Krile

This Week

In math we worked with compliments of 10.  

We introduced time to the hour this week. At home it would be a good idea to discuss times you eat meals, leave or return to school and bedtime.


During problem of the day this week we worked with three digit addition.

Calculators were used again this week.

We used our number line to count backwards this week, talked about even and odd numbers as well as equal groups.


  • Laura Hammond (Gracie’s mum) has volunteered to be room parent in Kriletown!!
  • Halloween party is Wednesday, Oct 31st at 1:30.  Kids may bring costumes to change into if they would like.
  • Check out Kriletown.com for pics of our leaf walk.  The password for this section is in the printed version of the Krile Khronicle.

Reading and Writing

This week we started my all time FAVORITE book series FANCY NANCY!!  Nancy is a spunky young lady who likes everything fancy (little girl after my own heart!!) Nancy’s vocabulary is AMAZING and we are collecting wonderful words for our fancy vocabulary books.

In writer’s workshop this week we started our own Nancy spin off books. So far we have a Lucky Liliana, Great Gunnar, Joyful Jason, Crazy Kind Kate and Elephanty Emily.  The kids are SO excited to write a FANCY adventure.

Social Studies and Science


In science this week we discussed the four seasons. Each child illustrated a page in their month by month science journal.


Our SPECIAL KID this coming week is Fatma!  We learned Fatma loves the colors pink and purple. Her favorite animal is a cat and her favorite food is bananas.  Fatma is the only girl in her family and wants to be a Teacher.