October? Really!?!?

by Steve Krile

Krileville has been hit by a bit of the ick! Two students went out today. Look out for a loose cough, fever, and headache. Remember the policy for fevers is to STAY HOME!

We can always use Hand Sanitizer and Clorox Wipes - hint hint ;)


This Week

In math we worked with the 100’s chart. We learned that as you move down the chart the numbers get bigger by 10.

We used dice again this week to play ROLL TO 50! The kids had a great time counting up and back on the number line :)

During problem of the day this week we worked with subtraction facts. We also learned the word distractor. A distractor is information thrown into a problem we do not need and our job is to ignore them!



I have added snack ideas to the website this week. 

Every Friday is Logan Leopard spirit day! Wear those Logan colors!

October book orders are due Monday, Oct 8th.

Check out the media section of Kriletown.com new photos and a video of our special guest last week.

We need Napkins!

Reading and Writing


Our author again this week was Mercer Mayer. He is both the author and illustrator of the hugely popular Little Critter series.  Little Critter is a great series for this age because the main character is put in everyday situations.  He also writes books about all the emotions and difficulties of being six, seven and eight.

In Writer's Workshop this week we started books called "I Just Forgot".  These books are a spin off of a Mercer Mayer book we read together.  

Reading groups continued this week. Each group is reading just right books.  We read about a very sleepy dog, a chick that goes for a walk, a dog that gets lost and a very mischievous gingerbread boy. 

Social Studies and Science


In science this week we read about the changing leaves. We discussed the changes to the weather in our area and discussed fall does not look the same in all areas of the country.

Our SPECIAL KID this coming week is Kate!! We learned Kate loves horses, she is the oldest sister and she loves to read! Her favorite book is The Giving Tree and her favorite food is paprikosh. Kate’s poster will hang on the Special Kid board this next week.