Getting ready for Stone Soup

by Steve Krile

This Week


In math we reviewed telling time and pretended to purchase items from a store to practice giving change.

We continued to work with penny and nickel exchanges this week.

During problem of the day this week we had to use pictures to answer the problem!

In math centers we worked on creating our own word problem when given a number sentence.

We used our number grid to count up for addition problems that are too large to use our hands.



Our Soup Luncheon will be next Wednesday, November 14th.

Please sign up on the website to donate food for our soups!

The book fair is coming next Tuesday, November 13th. We are going at 12:45-1:15.

Keep those snacks coming!! Check out the website for ideas :)

Reading and Writing


This week we started reading books from our new author, Kevin Henkes. His characters are animals that encounter real kid problems. He is also a master at adding speaking bubbles to his illustrations.

In writer’s workshop this week we have started our newest story. These creations have an animal as their main character that have a real kid adventure. They have to include talking bubbles in their pictures just like Kevin Henkes.

In reading workshop this week we read just right books about Henry and Mudge, a color changing chameleon, a mole and mouse who get a house, and a sunflower.

Social Studies and Science


In science this week we learned about the three types of clouds (cumulus, cirrus, and stratus). We also made predictions about what would happen if we left ice out at room temperature.

Our SPECIAL KID this coming week is Emily!  We learned her favorite color is turquoise. Her favorite animal is a cheetah and her favorite food is twizzlers. Her favorite sport is soccer. She is also a huge animal lover. Come in and check out Emily’s poster. She will be up all week!