Getting those Report Cards Done!

by Steve Krile

This Week


Keep those snacks coming!! Check out the website for ideas :)

In math we continued practicing telling time to the hour and the half hour.  We discussed the difference between cents and dollars. They use that information to determine if a problem is logical, can we buy a bike for 50 cents?

During problem of the day this week we focused on creating number sentences.

In math centers we worked on creating patterns using geo blocks and popsicle sticks.

Mrs. Durbin taught them a new math card game which helps with number ordinance called ‘Before and After’.



Now that our beautiful new sidewalk has opened please wait outside our back door in the morning.

Report cards will be sent home November 27th.

The Fancy Nancy Party will be Tuesday afternoon.  Remember to dress your kids fancy!

Ms. Jordan will be taking pictures of lessons for her portfolio. No names will be associated with the lessons.

Reading and Writing


This week we continued reading books from our star author, Kevin Henkes. We read about a bucketdipping mouse named Wendel and a brave little mouse named Sheila Rae.

In writer’s workshop this week we continued our newest story.  These creations are coming along nicely, we have a cat who can’t sleep, a toucan who is trying to get to Hawaii, and a frog hopping in a meadow.

In reading workshop this week we read just right books about Henry and Mudge, peanut butter and jelly, a mole and mouse who get a house, and a little boy who loves mud.  Be sure to look for our newest Krile Kreation, ‘My Little Cloud’!

Social Studies and Science


In science this week we continued learning about the three types of clouds (cumulus, cirrus, and stratus).

Our SPECIAL KID this coming week is Charlie!  We learned his favorite color is blue. His favorite animal is a cat and his favorite food is pizza. He would love to be a basketball player when he grows up! Come in and check out Charlie’s poster. He will be up all week!