A full week done in Kriletown!

by Steve Krile


FANTASTIC  to meet so many of you at curriculum night.  Check the Krile Khronicle that went home with your child for the password to our website.

In math we worked on simple addition facts and I introduced the idea of turn around facts. The students brought up that you can only do turn around facts with addition and NOT subtraction. YEAH!

Keep an eye out for our Fabulous First Grader folder along with the Super Special Kid folder.  Each of these folders will give your Krile Kid a chance to share a bit more about themselves with our class. Just another way for us to learn more about our friends.



whitaker@aap.k12.mi.us and is the BEST way to reach me!

I am extending the book order deadline to Monday, September 17th. Please make checks out to Scholastic Books.

Krile Kid shirt orders are due by Friday, Sept 21st. Please make checks to Kristi Krile or send $8 cash if you would like to order.

Reading and Writing


This week we read books by author Audrey Penn. Her first book The Kissing Hand is a FANTASTIC heartwarming story about Chester raccoon and his first day of school. This book was so wildly popular with teachers and parents Audrey Penn wrote three more stories about the raccoon family.  

We started writer’s workshop with our second grade friends this week.  We read "Who is Melvin Bubble?" by Nick Bruel. Each student started his/her own Who is ???? page. These student introductions will be put into class books for all of us to share.  Keep an eye out for Who Are Mrs. Krile’s Kids? 

Social Studies and Science


Vocabulary words introduced in science were:

  • autumn
  • fall
  • seasons
  • scientist
  • observer
  • prediction.