It's a Brand New Year

by Steve Krile


This Week

Mrs. Durbin has taken an administrative position at Clague Middle School. We will miss her but wish her GREAT success as she starts her new adventure!! Mrs. Jones will be with us next week until we hire a replacement assistant.  

Ms. Thomas joined Kriletown this week to do her student teaching.  We worked with our number grids this week.  We made exchanges this week, used a coupon a ruler and our number line. We were BUSY!!



Please be mindful that children are not to be in the building before school as there is no supervision.

Our morning snacks supply is LOW!

Laura Hammond will be contacting some of you for Valentine donations soon!  She is SUPER on the ball :)

Book orders due Monday, January 21st. Please make checks out to Scholastic

We need a laundry basket if anyone has one to spare.

Reading and Writing


This week we read books all about SNOW!. If you have not read the snowman series by Caralyn Buehner you should :)

We really enjoyed them this week.  In writer’s workshop this week the kids started ‘How To’ books. We discussed words like first, then, next and finally. The children started a rough draft from the homework they did Monday night. So far we have a book about how to take a blood sugar level, how to carve a pumpkin, how to make a paper airplane and how to plant a garden Reading workshop was a great success this week!!  LOTS of great reading!!

Social Studies and Science


This week we learned about chicken poxs, how snow melts and refreezes, how germs travel and what we can do to stay healthy. Our science discussions went in all sorts of directions :) That is part of the wonder of first grade.

Our SPECIAL KID this week was Alissa! Alissa loves horses. She has built a snowman, has three cousins in Ohio and loves hot dogs. Her poster is fantastic!!