Let's Get That Sun Shining

by Steve Krile

This Week

The Ecology Center came in last Friday and did a wonderful recycling presentation.  Ask your Krile Kid how to make a compost pile.

Ms. Thomas’ time with us has come to a close. She will be back a few days next week for our Derby Celebration.  Thank you to all who donated books to Ms. Thomas’ bag. We were able to give her a GREAT start to her teacher library!!

We reviewed time and money this week. Please work with your child on both. A Krile Kid should be able to identify all coins and make simple combinations to a dollar.

All Krile kids should be able to read to the hour, half hour and quarter hour


Mark your calendars now we are going to the Toledo Zoo Friday, May 31 from 9:15 to 2:30. Please return permission slips ASAP.

Due to District’s budget freeze we are out of copy paper. This will be the last paper copy of the newsletter.

If you would like to donate scrap paper or copy paper we would be THRILLED!!

May 2nd PTSO meeting at 7:00 in the mini theater. All are invited.

May 3rd Logan Talent Show!

Derby Poetry Celebration Thursday, May 2nd. Please send your child in duds you might see at the Kentucky Derby. We are making hats in class!!!

Reading and Writing

This week we continued reading books by Eric Carle. We are enjoying all of the interesting creatures he chooses as main characters. This week we spent time learning about sloths and their characteristics.

In writer’s workshop this week we continued our poetry unit. We read several more wonderful funny poems by Shel Silverstein.

The kids all finished Cinquain poems. Each child wrote two haiku poems and we read a GREAT book titled Dogku.  We are poets and we know it!!!!

Social Studies and Science

We started our motion unit this year. We danced the Cha-Cha Slide and followed DIRECTIONS and were chickens dancing the chicken dance for SPEED.

Science Alive visited us this week. We met a Chinchilla, African Pixi frog, Call Duck,  Armadillo, Burmese Python.