's still winter

by Steve Krile

This Week

  • We discussed long and short vowels, magic e and contractions this week.
  • Money, money and more money was used this week. Firsties should be able to make change to a dollar!
  • We practiced using cubes, rods and flats this week to count large numbers.
  • We continue to make connections between addition and subtraction this week. WOW!!. Counting up and double digit subtraction was worked on.
  • Amazing job with doubles facts, plus one and plus zero. :-)


  • Kriletown is now on twitter!! Follow us @Kriletown!!
  • Kids can bring in valentine cards anytime next week.  We will pass them out Friday afternoon.
  • Spirit week is coming!!  
    • Mon, Feb 10 Dress Up
    • Tue, Feb 11 Wacky Hair
    • Wed Feb 12 Favorite Fictional Character
    • Thurs Feb 13 Sports Day
    • Fri Feb 14 PJ Day.
  • NAAPID Monday, February 10th.
  • Keep an eye out for an extra math page for homework a few nights a week to keep us on track.
  • Mid-Winter break begins the end of the day Friday, February 14th.

Reading and Writing

This week we read several books about fictional groundhogs. We also read several books set on snowy winter days...when in Rome!  With our writing buddies we started ‘How To Books’. I am amazed at the things the Krile kids are teaching us. So far we are learning how to make a
lovey, how to balance on one foot, how to make pancakes, how to make a bowl of cereal and how to make a book.

Next week we will be do several writing projects centered around Valentines.

Social Studies and Science

  • Fish arrived on Wednesday and we have had a blast observing them in our classroom habitat.
  • We are snail experts!!! Ask your Krile kid if they have any fun facts to know and tell.
  • Our second graders chose their favorite places in our community to write about this week.

100's of Smiles

by Steve Krile

This Week

This week both groups worked on story problems using the 100’s chart counting up and back.

First grade friends reviewed time to the hour and counting using pennies and nickles.

Fact families, double digit addition, and what’s my rule problems were reviewed with second grade sweeties.

Math rotations continue to be one of the BEST parts of our day!!


Halloween party Thursday, Oct 31st at 2:15. Parents are welcome to join but we will put you to work with food, crafts and games.


Dr. Swift visits Logan to chat with parents Nov. 7th at 6:30.

Conferences Tuesday, November 5th and Monday, November 11th. Reminders will be coming home next week :-)

Stone Soup Wednesday, November 13th 11-11:30. More info to come but all parents are invited :-)

Reading and Writing

This week we read books all about pumpkins and apples. We learned about the life

cycle of an apple.. We wrote two more class books this week that should be arriving at your home soon.

This week the Krile Kids traveled to Rochellville for writer’s workshop. Mrs. Rochell taught us the key components to a small moment. A small moment has a setting, characters, problem and solution. Well written small moments contain dialogue and the author expresses emotion.

Social Studies and Science

We apple tasted in Kriletown this week. We LOVE honey crisp apples! 

We discussed what it means to be a good friend and part of a community of learners.

Our leaf walk around Logan was LOTS of fun! The kids enjoyed being outdoor scientists.






Counting, Counting, Counting

by Steve Krile

This Week

We counted LOTS of money this week!! First graders should be able to identify pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. We practiced counting pennies and nickels this week. Second graders should be able to make change to a dollar.

We used a life size number line this week to count up and back!

By the end of first grade Krile kids should be telling time to the hour and half hour. Second grade friends to the five minute interval.. Read those clocks at home!!



PARTY TIME!!! Fancy Nancy party Thursday, Oct 17th at 2:15. Please send your Krile Kid in fancy over the top duds. Remember we are still running and jumping so silly fancy that is comfy is the way to go! Parents who sign up to help please arrive around 1:30 to set up. I will be putting you to work!

Halloween party Thursday, Oct 31st at 2:15.

Keep eyes out for information about both parties from room mom Laura Hammond!

The kids looked GREAT in their Kriletown shirts!!!

Reading and Writing

This week we continue to read books about my favorite character Fancy Nancy. Her

books are full of real life kid experiences with WONDERFUL vocabulary!!

In writer’s workshop we are putting the finishing touches on our first three projects so we are ready to celebrate them next week!

During reading workshop we read and wrote about our books this week. Groups learned about animals that live in trees, how it is important to like ourselves, moms can be silly pirates, and animal noises can be super funny!

Try and read with your Krile Kid each night before bed.

Social Studies and Science

Fall, fall, fall is all over Kriletown.  We made a class book all about the things we like to do this time of year. 

We added fall vocabulary to our books. 

Next week we will take a leaf walk around Logan and collect a few to examine.